Company profile

MICROTECH was started in 1992, as a spin-off of the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Palermo, Italy. It was founded by a team of people with previous interdisciplinary experience in the field of microtechnology, and coming from advanced research experiences in institutions such as MIT, Columbia University, Lincoln Laboratory, University of Glasgow.

The core activity of MICROTECH is the creation of customized and innovative solutions for specific research of industrial requirements. Besides custom system fabrication, the company has also a standard product line, the LaserWriter, a general purpose and low cost laser pattern generator for microlithographic mask fabrication or direct writing on the final substrate (2-D or 3-D).

According to the company motto, "Customizing innovation", MICROTECH systems contain a balanced mixture of innovative ideas, custromized solutions and cost optimization. This is possible thanks to the interdisciplinary know-how of MICROTECH's engineers as well as their intense collaboration with academic institutions.

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